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May 27, 2015   



      Do you need a place to hold your Youth Camp, Youth Activity,Men or Ladies Retreat,  Church Conference or Family Reunion? Then try Camp Adventure.  We have just the place for you.

     Camp Adventure is located in Chandler, Oklahoma just south of Chandler Lake and has lots of amenities available for use.  To inquire more about this campgrounds contact Marvin Lemke at home 405-728-1453 or
cell 405-830-9690.

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1. View the calendar link to see what dates are available.

2. Contact Marvin Lemke @
home 405-728-1453 , or
cell 405-830-9690 ,  or by submitting it in the message box area to confirm dates you wish to request.  A message will be sent directly to him.

3. Fill out the Camp Adventure Rental Agreement (Follow link to the left).

 4. Send the rental agreement and the payment as either check or money order made payable to.

     Oklahoma District Royal Rangers

      8200 Crestline Ct

      Oklahoma City ,Ok 73132

5. Once confirmed Marvin Lemke will place you on the calendar, you can check back there for confirmation.


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